About Us

Welcome to FXNextGen – The Next Generation of Forex Trading!

FXNextGen is a start-up online forex broker licensed in Vanuatu and established by industry veterans who bring with them a combined experience of over 50 years. FXNextGen specializes in Multi-Asset FX Funds and operates as a Straight Through Processing (STP) brokerage.

The owners of the company have extensive experience including Forex, Stocks and Futures, having worked as market dealers as well as on the New York Stock Exchange floor and the trading pits of CME Group.

FXNextGen was set up as an online forex brokerage company that aims to eliminate the middle man and make forex trading more affordable for our customers.

Here at FXNextGen, we combine our experience with technology as we cooperate with prime brokers and liquidity providers based out of London. We ensure that we bring the best for our customers including superior trading conditions and a wide range of markets to choose from.

Why choose FXNextGen?


Liquidity is one of the biggest factors that is often undersold by many forex brokers. Many traders might not know but liquidity plays a crucial role in getting the best price fills for your orders. At FXNextGen, we take pride in our liquidity providers and offer one of the best trading conditions for our customers.


Transparency is what sets aside FXNextGen from the rest. What you see is what you get and not a cent more. Unlike other forex brokers, we make sure that there are no hidden fees or commissions, or even mark-ups. We believe that our customers will reward our honesty with their loyalty.


At FXNextGen, we understand that a trader has a vast choice of brokerages to choose from. This is why our trading conditions are tailored to offer you one of the most competitive conditions when you trade with us. We do not compromise on quality and therefore offer you a world-class trading environment.

Test-drive our trading platform and market conditions!